Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Friday recollection . . .

Good Friday remains one of my favourite holidays given as it annually provides us with at least one long weekend. Other holidays keep changing the day of the week they fall on! And our Hindu holidays even change the date of the year they fall on!! So my dear Pontius Pilate, thank you for arranging such a very convenient holiday for us all!!

But anyway, often on Good Friday, I recollect a conversation I had many years ago, when I was in college, with a devout Christian classmate regarding this wonderful holiday. Since this happened many years ago, I obviously do not recollect it verbatim, but the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi XXX, wish you a very Happy Good Friday! Hope you enjoy the festival celebrations!

Christian Classmate: We don't wish each other "Happy Good Friday" and we don't 'celebrate'; it is not a festival!

Me: Oh really? But it is a holiday, so thought . . . .

Christian Classmate: It is the day when our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross . . .

Me: Oh, so it is like Moharrum where they mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain?

Christian Classmate: No no what are you talking about.

Me: OK, hmm, but very weird, why do you call it "Good" Friday then, you know, it was the day Jesus like died and all . . .

Christian Classmate: No no, but He came back from the dead after three days so it is Good Friday!

Me: That's not logical is it, I mean the day He comes back from the dead would be a 'Good' day, but the day he dies has to be bad! I mean you don't even celebrate it as a festival because it was the day he died, wo why the hell do you call it 'Good' then! You should call it Lousy Friday!

Christian Classmate: No, no, it is Good Friday because He died for our sins!

Me: What!?!

Christian Classmate: Yes, he died on the cross for our sins, hence it is Good Friday!

Me: But that's absurd, you have a god who bcomes a scapegoat so that you can sin!

Christian Classmate: No no, he washes our sins by dying on the cross!

Me: Yikes. Why the hell does a god need to die to wash your sins! I mean he's a god, he can just cancel off your wicked karma or something can't he?

Christian Classmate: Oh don't ask me all these difficult questions, I don't know. Look, I need to leave early this evening going to church to pray and all. Bye!

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