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I wish I was an all powerful, autocratic, tyrannical dictator! There are so many things I would love to extirpate from human society on pain of death!

Here’s a sample:

  1. Public Display of Religion: All religious activities and gatherings to be restricted to private residences or designated, notified places of worship. Even within private residences and notified places of worship, any religious observance, activity or ritual that leads to increased ambient noise levels outside the private residence or place of worship, shall remain prohibited. Permission may be granted to to hold specific religious observances, on specific occasions, in very specific open spaces that are well demarcated and can be appropriately ring fenced if said specific open spaces have been the sites of said observances by historical tradition at least 1000 years old; however even these would be subject to ambient noise control restrictions. All other religious displays, observances and gatherings including but not limited to processions, ritual worship, sermons, preaching, praying, etc., in public places including but not limited roads, open grounds, parks, river banks, auditoriums, class rooms, residential or commercial complexes, railway stations, bus stations, railway & bus carriages, airports, seaports, shopping complexes, cinema complexes, industrial complexes or premises, etc., are completely banned!

    In simple words – religion must get out of our streets and must stay in our homes and temples.
  2. Never Ending and morally bankrupt Soaps (ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on television): These the bane of ‘modern society’. Seemingly intelligent men, women and children spend hours every day for many years following the on screen antics of terminally neurotic characters. Accordingly, no ‘soap opera’ can be broadcast on any private or publicly owned television network, unless the screen play for the ENTIRE series is completed and submitted for approval before hand. No soap opera can be televised daily but is allowed to air only one episode per week. Furthermore, no soap opera can air for more than 26 weekly episodes. The default duration of any soap opera can be no more than 13 episodes. In the event a show producer wishes permission for 26 episodes, he needs to submit a detailed proposal which shall be scrutinised by a panel of no less than 6 diverse literary, drama and film critics who would be required to examine the artistic and cultural merits of the screen play and the show and only if found to be of high artistic and cultural value would permission be granted for 26 episodes.

    In addition, the screenplay would also need to be scrutinised by a panel comprising of professors of moral philosophy, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and behavioural economists who would need to evaluate the screenplay and storyline as to whether it is detrimental to societal ethical values consistent with the current moral zeitgeist of the social group (country or language group) that is likely to view the resultant soap opera.

    Needless to say, all panels are required to strictly adhere to reasonable turnaround times (no longer than 5 working days for a single screen-play). Panel decisions will be subjected to peer-review after the shows start airing to ensure efficacy.

    In simple words – the idiot box throws out a lot of crap which needs to be flushed down the toilet.

There are a few more things I would like to add, but would take me some time to evolve appropriate recommendations, so I will post those later.

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